How To Choose Best Epilator For Sensitive Skin

How To Choose Best Epilator For Sensitive Skin

Have you ever been irritated by the stiffness of even the shortest hair left over after shaving? Yes, this can happen if you use shavers, electric razors, straps, waxing. So, what could be the best way to remove hair from the roots? Simply, use a high-quality best epilator for sensitive skin to remove hair at the root level, leaving the skin smooth.

For every woman, hair removal from her neck to her fingertips is an integral part of her beauty process. Getting perfectly smooth and silky skin will give them confidence and a beautiful feeling. That is why choosing an epilating technique is beneficial for women as it is less expensive, gives less pain than waxing, slows down hair growth, flexible and fine skin.

If you are a working woman and you don’t have much time to go to a parlor/salon to apply wax, then an epilator can be a great catch for you. Its easy design makes it portable so you can use it anywhere. It takes very little time to remove your hair from the roots, leaving smooth and fair skin.

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What Epilating Mean?

how to choose the best epilator for sensitive skin

Epilating is the removal of hair from the roots using an epilator tool, rather than cutting the hair with a blade. Epilating leaves the skin smooth and lasts for 3 to 6 weeks.

Choosing the best epilator for sensitive skin is very important as there are many types of epilators available in the market with their different features. To make the right decision to purchase the right epilator you can go through our comprehensive guide of epilator reviews UK which is a complete analysis of all the factors that make the epilator the best.

Types of Epilators:

Spring type:

Spring Epilator is the first type of epilator that comes with a spring mechanism. Spring epilators are in two categories, manual epilator, and electric epilator.

The manual spring epilator is called an epilator stick, a natural way to remove facial hair. The epilator stick is best because the facial hair is very short and thin compared to other parts of the body.

Now, let’s talk about electric spring epilators, unlike best epilator sticks, these epilators work on batteries. It uses the battery to make curling movements so that the hairs get stuck in the spring and fall out of the skin. Electric spring epilators are compact in size.

Rotating Disc Epilator

After the Epilady Spring Epilator, Remington invented the rotating disc epilator. Remington attaches a rotating disc to the head of the epilator instead of a spring coil. It is more efficient than a spring epilator which makes it stronger, lasts longer and is less painful. The rotating discs grabs bunch of the hair and pull the hair from the surface of the skin. It does not harm your skin as it comes with a plastic protective coating. You can find rotating disc epilators in cord or cordless form.

Tweezer Epilators

Tweezer epilators are the advanced version of the rotating disc epilator. It contains a series of metal plates that work as tweezers. These metal plates rotate continuously to move together like tweezers to pull out hairs, then release them.

If there are more tweezers, the best epilator UK will work very efficiently. Tweezer epilators include a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 72 tweezers. The price of these tweezers varies with the number of tweezers. Just remember one thing, Epilation will take less time if there is more number of tweezers. Narrow head attachments are best suited for the underarms and bikini area.

Features To Look For When Buying Best Epilator For Sensitive Skin

Number of Tweezers:

tweezer epilators

The number of tweezers depends on the type of epilator you choose. The fewer number tweezers, epilation takes more time. A large number of tweezers can cover a large skin area and pulls out more hair with each stroke. If you are a beginner or using an epilator the first time then it can be more painful as more hair is removed at a time. The more the number of tweezers, the higher will be the price of epilators.

Corded or Cordless

Like Efficient Electric Shavers, best epilator for sensitive skin UK also come in cord or cordless form. Corded epilators are less expensive and more powerful to maintain optimal performance throughout the epilation.

Cordless epilators are beneficial for the purpose of traveling as there may be a possibility of no electricity. But if you don’t want to stop in the middle of the epilation, you should always keep the battery fully charged.

Area of Epilation:

choosing the area of epilation

There are special head attachments for the different types of body areas. You should choose the epilator based on the area you want to epilate. Regular epilators are the best for hands and legs. Choose the attachments that suited for the more sensitive areas. Always remember to use a special epilator for the face as areas of the face are sensitive.

Speed Settings:

It can be more beneficial if there is a more than one-speed setting in an epilator. For sensitive skin areas, you have to choose a low-speed setting for a slower and gentler process. If you are in a hurry then choosing high-speed settings offers faster epilation.


Most women opt for epilators that produce less noise during epilation. Like electric shavers, epilators also make noise. If you want a discrete device then maybe an epilator is not for you.

Wet or Dry Epilation:

wet epilation

Somehow wet or dry functionality combines in cordless epilators. If you are looking epilator for dry functionality then corded can be the best. But if you epilating on wet skin then a cordless model can be the best option. This is because wired units can be harmful on wet skin as it requires a constant power supply. If you want both wet and dry options then you have to go for the cordless epilator. Epilating in a shower might be less painful that can be beneficial for the new users.


The cost of epilators based on the features, attachments, exfoliation, flexible head, corded or cordless, also on other factors. Generally, the best epilators range from £29.99 to £200 and so on. Select the best epilators that will suit your needs as well as your budget.

Final Thoughts

I hope you now reach the final stage of choosing the best epilator for sensitive skin. Carefully follow our comprehensive guide that will cover all the features and types of epilators to make it easier for you to find the best one.

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